A Monologue/Pep Talk Poem: To The Gladiators of Scribing

Photo by dOn niE from Pixabay

We unite in light of expressing feelings, inspiring ideas,
and provoking thoughts.

This place calls for every writer and every poet
destined to the creation of writing to rise now.

You stand here like literature giants, as you are!

If there is anyone among us who can’t write no more
come forth and say it to the giants.

If you must die now let the pad be your shield
and a quill your weapon through prose and poetry.

Gaze into the eyes of the enemy —
a writer’s block.

The strength of armour is in your perseverance;
tomorrow is not written and soon it will be gone.

Let us teach those who seek to damn writers
that we will not fall until last day of our life.

O fellow writing warriors!

If we must kill, let us kill our blocks!

If we must die, let it be on a desk!

With a pad and quill, and solitary self
in noble scribing battle!

First published by ILLUMINATION on Medium

Author’s note:
One of the things that help me write when nothing else works is to imagine I am a Spartan and Spartacus is giving me a pep talk. This poem is inspired by Spartacus to the Gladiators at Capua: A
Monologue by E. Kellogg.

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