Gloria D. Gonsalves (Gonsalves is both her maiden name and pen name) is Tanzanian-German. She was born in Tanzania, to a mother of the Chagga tribe from Kilimanjaro, and a father of half Luguru tribe from Morogoro and half Indian from Goa. She grew up in the town of Korogwe, in a family of three.

At the age of twenty-six, she migrated to Ireland for further studies. After completion of her degree, she moved to Germany, where she completed her master’s degree. Gloria is currently based in a wine-growing village near Bonn.

Writing is not only a passion but also tremendous courage. The courage to – expose thoughts in public, accept rejection, accept criticism, make mistakes, resolve own problems, find own style and keep writing. As long as it is a passion and I place no limits to my imagination or not allow rules to distract me, I will never run out of a desire to write.

By profession, Gloria has a diverse background of experience in support roles for multilateral diplomacy, management of official documents, air travel operations, tourism operations, incentive travel and events coordination.

Gloria is also a self-taught creative writer, proofreader and editor. Not just a writer, Gloria is a creative promoter for writing itself: she founded WoChiPoDa.com, an initiative aimed at instilling the love of poetry in young people.

She holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Environmental Sciences, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Tourism Marketing and a Diploma (S.A.C Dip) in Professional Proofreading and Editing.

In addition to Swahili, Gloria is an English fluent speaker and is conversational in German. She prefers to engage in writing than speaking. She will be interviewed only in writing.


Gloria’s passion is making a positive difference in the lives of every person who reads what she writes and in the lives of all whom she aims to support through writing. In some of her creative writings, she imparts moral and spiritual lessons. Her literary works also aim to support humanitarian projects and inspire creativity in others, especially children. By having children participate in the literary work, she inspires them to want to be involved, arousing their interest in reading and writing more creative works.

Her writing has appeared in various literary magazines and journals. She also writes about nature snapshots, an inspiration from her husband (and personal lawyer), who enjoys flower arrangements. Occasionally, she writes opinion pieces for newspapers. When taking a break from writing, she learns how to take lines for a walk.

Gloria tries to live by the principle of literary continuation (continuing, adding and inventing). She sees the writing life as generally divided into three purposes: (a) those who open the way for aspiring writers (b) those who pledge to serve others with written word without fame and success (c) those who are prominent and famously celebrated. There is nothing wrong with any of these. They are different battalions serving the writing legion. Writers cannot all fit in one order but can be one, two or all of these three. Though difficult, she strives to be a writer by not comparing her order of writing to others. As a writer, she must focus on maintaining, passing and adding to the concept of her order so it lives on.

So, what’s her writing purpose and order? Gloria enjoys writing poetry and what others call children’s writing (she prefers to call it writing for people not limited by genre). On the latter, she insists that she writes for people who are not limited by genre. She also finds serenity in spiritual writing because writing is spiritual when exploring variety of experiences from life. As a writer, Gloria sees herself as one who aspires to inspire others without placing too much focus on numbers.