What a beautiful story and what stunning illustrations, giving a strong sense of African myth and folklore. The rich colors and small details give an appropriate feel of the African setting and will encourage young readers to spend time discovering each panel...I’d recommend this for parents, teachers, librarians and tutors to use to get kids interested in reading something unique and special. A story that will no doubt be read over and over.

— Fiona Ingram, Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite

Gloria D. Gonsalves has written two short, charming books that are a good introduction for very young children to the world of mushrooms. Lamellia: The Kingdom of Mushrooms describes the inhabitants of Lamellia. Many Americans fear wild mushrooms, so the friendliness of those in this book may serve to interest youngsters in searching out wild mushrooms for themselves, and learning about nature by experience. The second book, Lamellia: The Wicked Queen, is a rewrite and extension of the first...has only 6 illustrations, equally charming, and the 21 pages of text have more content.

— Susan Kayser, Reviewed for the Illinois Mycological Association and North American Mycological Association (NAMA)

A charming story with the talented brushstrokes of Katerina Brunot bringing color and depth into this imaginative book for children. Like most fables, the lines between good and evil are clearly drawn in Lamellia, but Gonsalves takes it a step further by introducing concepts of kindness, tolerance, and the ability to love despite obvious differences. Lamellia: The Wicked Queen works well as a first reader or as a longer bedtime story. Engrossing and educational, it’s sure to encourage young readers to explore the natural world around them.

— Marta Cheng, Reviewed for Self-Publishing Review