Tzmoms Connect | Gloria D. Gonsalves – Valentine’s Day Is Here, How Are You Prepared to Show Your Loved One That You Care?

1360508252redrose1Valentine’s Day is approaching and most of us are preparing to show appreciation of the love we have for each other. But as women we can also join the One Billion Rising on Valentine’s Day to demand end to violations against women. Will you rise and if yes how? I chose to rise through a poem. Click¬† on the link below to find out how I got inspired to write the poem “I am Rising Until You Love Me”.

*Mabibi na mabwana, siku ya Valentine mwaka huu ni siku ambayo wanawake billioni moja duniani tunahamasishwa kusimama, kudansi na kutokomeza ukiukaji dhidi ya wanawake. Mimi nimeamua kusimama na shairi. Je wewe utasimamaje? Bofya hapo chini kujua jinsi gani nilihamasishwa kuandika shairi linaloitwa “Nitasimama mpaka unipende”.


To read and listen to the poem click here


*Kusikiliza na kusoma shairi bofya hapa


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