Poem: 2020 Soliloquy

Beloved residents of planet Earth,
from the moment of your creation you cried
and from the moment of suffering, you cried too.

So, let me be.
I am the year two thousand and twenty.

I am here to teach you of grief because without it you are not healed.
Whatever you took for granted and killed needed grieving.
Instead, you have been fast-forwarding the honor to heal with pretense.
Humanity is failing, love is dwindling, the heart is battered and dying.
You owe yourself to sit still, feel it, and howl out of your anger, pain, and regrets.
The build-up of your suffering has been like a savings account for retirement.
Now is the time to retire all that you have known to cause ache but avoided.

Some of you are afraid of failure.
Some of you are afraid of weakness.
Some of you are afraid of courage.
Some of you are afraid of betray.
Some of you are afraid of rejection.
Some of you are afraid of themselves.
Some of you are afraid of different.
Some of you are afraid of others.
Some of you are afraid of giving.
Some of you are afraid of receiving.
Some of you are afraid of beginning.
Some of you are afraid of ending.

No human has a promise sealed to spare from certain suffering.
Some pains are rooted in human causes.
Some pains strengthen human movements.
Other pains keep the cycle of human life.
Most pain is a bridge to your divine self.

I gave you collective tragedies to remind of communal grieving.
I gave you heart wrenching incidents to see and feel injustices.
I gave you personal sufferings to relearn knowing.
My job will not be done if you resist the unity of the human race.
My mission is incomplete if you fail to learn the divine in the human race.

We have four months left to complete my presence.
I need you to help me rebirth your hearts.
I cannot tell you what is still in store for you.
But I assure you, the more open your hearts are to let go
and receive with love and humility the unplanned,
the honor will be mine to help you see this year through.

For you are loved and cared for.

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