POEM: That Place Where Rarity Is (in English & Swahili)

Today, Tanzanians are celebrating Independence Day (Siku ya Uhuru). I wrote a poem using anaphora, as a devotion to my country of birth. Each line is intended to read as a slogan. Tanzania is more than what you know!


Tanzania is Kitulo, where God gardens.
Tanzania is Ngorongoro, where Eden exists.
Tanzania is Olduvai Gorge, where life begins.

Tanzania is Big Five, where nobility prevails.
Tanzania is Serengeti, where migration venerates.
Tanzania is Zanzibar, where spices heal.

Tanzania is Kilimanjaro, where tropic snows.
Tanzania is Tanganyika, where deepest is freshest.
Tanzania is tanzanite, where rarity is.

Enjoy a short video of this poem here.


Tanzania ni Kitulo, pale Mungu ana bustani.
Tanzania ni Ngorongoro, pale ni ndani Edeni.
Tanzania ni Bonde la Olduvai, pale chanzo uhai.

Tanzania ni watano wakubwa, pale ufalme hutawala.
Tanzania ni Serengeti, pale uhamiaji huheshimiwa.
Tanzania ni Unguja, pale viungo hutibu.

Tanzania ni Kilimanjaro, pale tropiki ni theluji.
Tanzania ni Tanganyika, pale kina ni utamu.
Tanzania ni tanzanaiti, pale nadra ipo.

Tazama video fupi ya hili shairi hapa.

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